Do you like badminton?
Did you just start a study in Wageningen and are looking for a new sport? Or have you played badminton before and are you looking for a badminton club in which sports and many nice, non-sport related activities are combined? Join the Lobbers!
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Welcome to BC de Lobbers, thé student badminton club in Wageningen. We are a club in which sports and many nice, non-sport related activities are combined. We are also an internationally orientated club, which means that we have many people of different nationalities in our club.
SWU Thymos is the umbrella foundation which gives financial support to student sports associations like BC de Lobbers and represents them at Sports Centre de Bongerd and Wageningen UR.


If you join the Lobbers, you can expect a lot of activities. Some activities are badminton related, others are just for fun! Read everything about the activities below.


The Rijncup Tournament is one of the famous tournaments in Regio Centrum organized by several members of our association. During the weekend tough matches are played, but the camping, the barbecue and the party are the things which make our tournament so special. Read more...

Club Magazine

"Larry's Diary" is a club magazine for all of our members. It is full of stories about our activities, members, tournaments and other badminton related news. We make about three magazines a year.


The club is controlled by a board of five members. They keep the club running together with our mascot Larry.

The Board

Our board currently consist of five members: one chairman, one treasurer, one secretary and two general board members. Every year in November, during the general members meeting (GMM), the board changes.
In 2023-2024, the board are (from left to right):
Xinhe Xie (General Board Member), Douwe Witteveen (Secretary), Jody Robbemont (Chair), Siemen Rockx (Treasurer) and Lisan Verduijn (General Board Member).

Feel free to ask them questions during the trainings (they are recognizable by their blue t-shirts) or send us an e-mail at


Our club mascot is named Larry the Lobster. He supports our members at competition matches and tournaments and he goes to all the activities we organize.


It's not all about the badminton...

We organize a lot of activities throughout the academic year, at least once a month. These vary from internal tournaments, like the ‘Pepernotentournament’ and the ‘Bring-a-friend tournament’, to non-badminton related activities like pooling, a shuttle hunt and a Belgian Beer night. We also organize a Lobbers weekend and a New Year’s drink every year. Another important activity we organize is the Rijncup tournament. Because this is one of our most important tournaments, we will give you some more information about it below. To get an impression of the activities we organize, you can visit our Facebook page, where we post the pictures.

Rijncup Tournament

The Rijncup Tournament is one of the famous tournaments in Regio Centrum organized by several members of our association once a year. People from everywhere in the Netherlands are joining our tournament. Players can subscribe in four different categories (1-4-6-8):from beginning to advanced! During the weekend tough matches are played, but that is usually not the only reason why people are coming to this tournament. The camping, the barbecue and the party are the things which make our tournament so special. Citing from one of our members:
“The Rijncup is our tournament with nice matches, with meat from the butcher on the barbecue in the sun, with the world’s best party, with a high consumption of beer, but most importantly joining this tournament is always encompassed with lots of fun”.

Training and competition


Our training sessions are taken care of by Nick Fransman and Finn Achthoven, who find us many challenging exercises every week. We have three training sessions every week:

  • Tuesday 19.00 till 21.00 is the training session for only competition players.
  • Wednesday 17.30 till 19.00 is the training session for the 'beginners'. Please note: everyone starts in this group, our trainer will decide who can play in the second group.
  • Wednesday 19.00 till 20.30 is the training session for advanced players.

So if you are new to our club, come on a Wednesday from 17:30 till 19:00.

The Tuesday and Wednesday training sessions take place in sports centre De Bongerd in sportshall 2. The Tuesday training will take place in sports hall 4 from the 2nd till the 5th period.

Address: Bornsesteeg 2, 6708 PE Wageningen.


Every year BC de Lobbers joins the regional competition organised by the Dutch Badminton Association (BN). In this competition, teams on different levels measure themselves against teams in the region. Every team consists of at least 4 players (2 male, 2 female) and plays 8 games per match in the disciplines singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Playing competition, on any level, generally increases the game of the player and makes badminton a fun team sport.
In the autumn competition, from September till February, the Lobbers has three teams between the 1st and the 3rd class, for beginning to advanced competition players. A maximum of 14 matches are played, generally in the weekend, of which half are home matches. The home matches take place on Sunday from 13.30 to 18.00 hours in “Sporthal de Bongerd”. Encouragement of our teams is always welcome!

The spring competition, from February till May, is organised especially for starting and recreational badminton players. Every year one or two Lobbers teams join, consisting of new members but also players who chose to be in the spring competition for a couple of years as it is low key and a lot of fun! A maximum of 8 matches is played, of which half are home matches. The home matches take place on Tuesday from 19.00 to 21.00 hours in “Sporthal de Bongerd”. Also the out-matches are generally played on weekdays in the evening.

(New) students that are interested in playing competition at BC de Lobbers, as a set player or as substitute can contact our competition leader

Competition teams

Team 1

5e divisie afd. 4

Vincent van Bodegraven
Luuk Gilissen
Louw Helmich
Emilia Klumpers
Jody Robbemont

Team 2

6e divisie afd. 19

Bart van Eijk
Luuk de Heer
Siemen Rockx
Lisan Verduijn
Xinhe Xie
Wunglenphy Zimik

Team 3

8e divisie afd. 5

Napasorn Bunyahwuthakul
Patit Chotemankongsin
Marieke Datema
Simon van Geest
Mirjam Tijhuis
Sri Wahyuni

Team 4

9e divisie afd. 6

Keshav Jayasankar
Keyang Lai
Leanne de Lange
Nadia Maula Nadia
Yi Liu
Laura van Kuijk

Become a member!


To become a member at BC de Lobbers, you need a valid student sport card and annual sport rights , which can be acquired at De Bongerd. In September, there are three free introduction training sessions, of which the last one is a small tournament. During these training sessions you can get to know the ways of badminton and find out if BC the Lobbers is something for you. After these three training sessions, you will have to decide whether you want to become a member or not. If you like to join a training session during the season, this is of course also possible. If you have sport rights, you can come for a free training session. Make sure to e-mail us at least 48 hours before the training you want to join (, so we can register you for the training. If you don't have sport rights, you have to buy them first or join during the sport right free week.

How to apply

Becoming a member can be done through filling in a subscription form, which can be gained from one of the board members, or via our secretary ( As a member of BC de Lobbers, you will automatically be a member of Badminton Nederland (BN, the Dutch Badminton Association).
BC de Lobbers will only collect necessary personal data. We will never misuse your data. Read more in our Privacy Statement.


The contribution depends on which group you are training in and can vary each year. Contact us for the actual prices. The contribution for the year 2023/2024 is as follows:

  • Recreational and beginning players training in the first group, have to pay €45.
  • Competition players will have to pay €60.
    The board decides to which group you belong.
  • When you are already a member of another badminton club, it is possible to join our club for a lower price of €35.
    For this, please contact our secretary (
  • Half-year members also pay €35.


If you do not want to be a member of BC de Lobbers anymore, you should contact our secretary ( as well. Do this before the 1st of September or the 31st of December. Otherwise, you have to pay contribution for the next (half) year.

Sport Centre de Bongerd

Confidential Contact Person (CCP)

A Confidential Contact Person is someone you can talk to if you or someone you know experiences or has experienced transgressive behaviour. Transgressive behaviour can take different forms, such as discrimination, bullying, (sexual) harassment, threats, stalking and gossiping, both online and offline. Even if the transgressive behaviour is very subtile, it can still have a big impact on your feeling of safety or your enjoyment of sport.

Get in touch:
SWU Thymos
Phone number: 0317-482746
Or come by at the SWU Thymos office at Sports Centre de Bongerd, click here for opening hours.
Sport Center de Bongerd
The contactinformation of the VCP's of Sports Centre de Bongerd can be found here.
Wageningen Universiteit
For website click here
Gemeente Wageningen
For website click here (Dutch only)

Safety Protocol Training Location

All front office employees and management personnel of the SCB are trained to provide first aid. If necessary, they are the first ones to be contacted. The reception desk is always staffed and can be reached at: 0317 483 877. These employees can also assess whether escalation is required.

If it turns out that the accident is serious and an ambulance is needed immediately, call 112 immediately. Then, call the SCB reception desk at: 0317 483 877. The BHV-ers (Emergency Response Team) will clear the way and guide the emergency services to the accident/incident location in the fastest way possible.

An Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is located behind the SCB reception desk. Phone number for campus doctor: 0317-466600/Phone number for hospital Gelderse Vallei's doctors on call: 0317-200800.

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